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 July 2017



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Security Policy

NaCTSO launch new Crowded Places


The National Counter Terrorism Security

Office (NaCTSO) have launched a new

and updated guidance intended to

give protective security advice to those

responsible for managing the security

of crowded places. This new guidance

is primarily aimed at those with a

responsibility for security at crowded places

and those who own or run businesses,

organisations, amenities or utilities. The

document has been written by NaCTSO

with the support of The Centre for the

Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI)

and over 100 subject matter and academic

experts. It covers the key areas of protective

security including physical, personnel,

personal and cyber. It provides guidance on

how different sectors can act to help make

their business, institutions or organisations

safer. Its purpose to support those who are

charged with security at crowded places

mitigate the threat and help make the UK

less vulnerable to an attack. The guidance is

interactive and designed to assist crowded

place sectors assess the risk and build a

security plan to help mitigate that risk and

recover more quickly should there be a

terrorist attack.

As the terrorist threat

evolves the guidance has

been designed to be a living

document taking the best

advice from some of the

UK’s leading experts and

organisations. There are many

links within the guidance

directing readers to websites

providing support in your

planning. NaCTSO state,

“The foundation for

the ability to manage

during a crisis lies in the

preparations we make.

It is important that we

all recognise the risks,

develop security plans,

train our staff, carry

out rehearsal exercises

and understand our

roles and responsibilities.

Leadership will come from all levels within

an organisation during an incident but

must come from the top to change the

security culture”.

Access this publication




CPNI advice in response to

terror attacks

As with the recent attacks on Westminster in March and Manchester

Arena in May, the June attack on London Bridge and Borough Market

highlights the ongoing threat to public areas and crowded places. The

CPNI encourages its partners in industry and government to review

their security plans and pay particular attention to CPNI’s current

advice on its website and extranet. Whilst it is inherently difficult to

protect against this style of attack in crowded public places, there

are measures that can be instigated. These include those which help

mitigate the immediate effects of an attack by precluding access to

hostile vehicles and those which can help disrupt an attack through

optimising detection of suspicious activity, and disrupting the hostile

reconnaissance process.

The PSSA remains in regular contact with the CPNI as a partner in

encouraging the adoption of best practice in specifying and selecting

fit for purpose high security products. Via the PSSA, members are able

to ensure their staff are kept up to date with national security priorities

and threats. For CPNI advice on hostile vehicle mitigation, see



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