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 July 2017



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ISSUE 16 | July 2017


Directors of Security Company

complete 237-mile bike ride


NaCTSO launch new Crowded

Places Guidance


Frontier Pitts achieve

LPS1175 rating



I am delighted to inform you that PSSA has, at the end of June, signed an

agreement funded by the Joint Security and Resilience Centre (JSaRC),

a Home Office unit, on a project aimed at providing specifiers and

purchasers, especially within government, with increased support resource

when researching or selecting appropriate solutions to vehicle borne

terrorist risks.

At the beginning of this year JSaRC invited industry and academia to

propose projects for the betterment of national security with the intention

of selecting ten such proposals to take forward into projects upon which

JSaRC would fund successful proposals . PSSA made such a proposal and

we are delighted to have made the top ten and really look forward to

working with JSaRC on our project.

In summary, the project will involve the development of an

independently managed on line resource providing relevant parties

with information on the various standards that exist, how they compare,

products and suppliers that have been independently tested and which

standards they have been shown to meet, guidance on risk assessments,

etc. We will also be developing a suite of CPD seminars whereby PSSA

trained and certified presenters will be available to attend the premises of

specifiers and buyers to give them face to face industry information and be

able to take Q&A sessions thereafter.

The overall aim is to help end users to make informed selections of

products and services that are right for their particular circumstance and to

give them an independent resource whereby they can verify information

that they have received from elsewhere, should they feel the need to do so.

We will shortly be inviting all PSSA members to attend a launch of this

project at which we will provide further information and seek maximum

member input to help us to produce a quality end product/service for the


Coinciding with this project we have also now largely completed the

work on a revised Verification Scheme for PSSA manufacturers and an

article on this can be read elsewhere in this newsletter.

The need for high performance perimeters and hostile vehicle

protection systems has never been greater and PSSA remains determined,

through projects like these, to play a role in supporting both the end user

and the reputable members of our industry in their efforts to mitigate the

terrorist threat.

Simon Towers, Chairman PSSA

What is JSaRC?

The Joint Security and Resilience Centre (JSaRC) is a

partnership jointly funded by the security industry

and the Home Office to act as an interface between

the sector (industry and academic) and the complex

security machinery of government. JSaRC has set

itself three core objectives. 1) Deliver a joint response

to the UK’s national security challenges, 2) Drive the

delivery of the right solutions, 3) Support the growth

of the security sector. The organisation has recruited

secondees across the security sector to ensure there

is the industry knowledge and expertise it needs

to succeed. When fully up and running, it will be

headquartered in Cambridge.

Agreement on a joint funded project with JSaRC