PSSA Newsletter - Issue 32

– 18 – Newsletter sponsor: NEWS  |  ISSUE 32 Safetyflex Barriers launched solar powered crash gate Safetyflex Barriers, based in Coventry, will unveil a new crash-rated, solar- powered hydraulic raising arm gate at the International Security Expo at Olympia London on 28 and 29 September. Safetyflex’s vertically opening gate is one of the few products of its kind on the market to be surface mounted, and requires no ground fixings or power source. It is crash-tested to IWA-14 standard to stop a 7.5 tonne truck, and can be installed in four hours as a permanent solution or at temporary events. The HVM gate was tested at the world-leading Horiba-Mira testing ground just a few miles from the company’s headquarters in Coventry, and is also available as a battery powered, vertically opening gate and as a manually operated swing gate. Visitors to the International Security Expo will also get their first look at Safetyflex’s new fully automated crash-rated ‘coffin’ bollard which can be operated from a control panel or remotely by an app downloaded to a mobile device. It has also been crash-tested to IWA- 14 standard to stop a 7.5 tonne truck and has a shallow foundation. The company has secured an opportunity to exclusively showcase its new products at two scheduled presentations that will take place across the two-day show as part of a programme of events that will also include mini-conferences and seminars. Marcus Gerrard, director of Safetyflex Barriers, said: “The International Security Expo is our first opportunity for almost two years to mix face-to-face on this kind of scale with contacts and potential customers in the security sector. “In today’s HVM marketplace, the majority of gates require foundations, but while shows like this have not been able to happen due to restrictions, our research and development has continued at a pace and after major investment we are able to add a surface- mounted gate to our range. Perhaps more significantly, it is also our first fully automated product that is solar powered. “Our new products will further enhance our reputation as one of the most innovative suppliers to the global security sector with our HVM solutions now installed in almost 20 countries in Europe and around the world.” Securing public events with TiSO City centre public areas are popular locations for social events including festivals, winter ice rinks, music concerts and art fairs. As the year draws to a close, major cities around the world will be hosting holiday and Christmas markets, as well as large scale New Year's events. Previous experience motivates the city authorities to establish safe working procedures for holding such events and the organisers are obliged to pay special attention to the safety and welfare of attendees. Among the mandatory measures is the requirement for security barriers to protect the perimeter as well as the entrance to the site itself. We believe that TiSO branded anti-ram barriers are an ideal solution to achieve a very high level of security. The many benefits of TiSO’s high-security barriers are: Simplicity of installation – the company’s mobile high-security barrier does not require to be built into the road surface. You just need to place the assembled product on the road surface and connect the cables. Mobility. At the end of the event, the blockers can be quickly removed without additional dismantling work. Certification. TiSO blockers are certified in accordance with PAS68, IWA14 and ASTMF2656 standards. This means that its security properties have been tested and confirmed by an independent laboratory. That’s why TiSO high-security blocker can offer an extremely effective defence against vehicle attack. Automated Drive System. TiSO blockers have built-in hydraulic units, that enable our high security mobile road blockers to be quickly lowered to allow access, for fire engines, ambulances or police cars to the protected area when required. The very nature of these events make them prone to the risk of high-speed vehicle accidents and attack. Fortunately, TiSO’s anti- ram barriers greatly reduce the risk of vehicles breaching the event perimeter and subsequently endangering the lives of guests. More at