PSSA Newsletter - Issue 32

– 19 – ISSUE 32  | NEWS Gunnebo Australia and El-Go Team launch game-changing technology Gunnebo Australia have partnered with El-Go Team to launch their brand new shallow single tested bollard to the perimeter protection market, set to change the HVM landscape and the way bollard design is incorporated into outdoor infrastructure. The Hostile Vehicle Mitigation market currently includes a wide variety of certified and tested products installed across the globe to provide high levels of physical and intruder protection. Gunnebo were armed with the desire to evolve the HVM market through innovation and new technology which filled gaps that had been identified by key stakeholders. Market research was undertaken to pinpoint what clients were after, where they felt they were limited and the aspects of installation they wanted to be more flexible. What was uncovered was clients were after a more modern design to protecting sites without jeopardising security measures. This included versatility in the physical design and style, a new approach to the standard array of three tested and certified bollards which we see in the marketplace today, along with reduced installation time. Equipped with this customer feedback, Gunnebo set about developing a product to do just that. In January 2020, a concept was developed, a small idea, a way to bring innovation to life. With several key factors that needed to be investigated and implemented for the product to be crash- rated to the HVM industry standard, Gunnebo selected El-Go Team as partners for the design, development and manufacturing of the bollard. Initial engineering of the bollard began with Gunnebo and El-Go Team working collaboratively to build the product from the ground up. Through many hours of brainstorming the decision was made to develop a bollard that didn’t need to be covered by a sleeve but could be customized and look elegant in its installed state. With the desire to change the HVM market, just building a new bollard wasn’t enough. There needed to be confidence instilled for partners and consumers alike to truly believe in the research initiative that was being implemented into this invention. The decision was made to compile engineering simulations to support the crash rating of the product. To assist in the development of simulations and take the product to the next level, Arup were sought out to compile the required specification simulations. After months of engineering and simulation development, it meant the bollard was now ready to be tested to the appropriate industry standard. Testing commenced, with results turning back better than anticipated. The bollard was successfully crash rated to IWA-14 impact test certified through testing at Mira. With testing complete, the Gunnebo team were able to officially register the bollard and launch to market. The Immotus Bollard was born! A notional idea thought up to change the HVM landscape now alive, paving the way of change to the HVM market through innovation and versatile design. Gunnebo Australia recently hosted an HVM webinar which looked at current and future market trends from industry experts. You can now watch the full webinar here - hvm-webinar For any further enquiries you may have about the Immotus Bollard, visit With testing complete, the Gunnebo teamwere able to officially register the Immotus and launch to market.