PSSA Newsletter - Issue 30

– 1 – ISSUE 30  | NEWS NEWSLETTER ISSUE 30 CrowdGuard Provides Safe Outdoor Dining Solution in Soho PAGE 6 Thanks to our newsletter sponsors, Highway Care! T: 01622 734215 E: W: Security’s Role in the Future of our High Streets PAGE 5 ‘Protect Duty’ law is now with Government under consultation PAGE 9 2021 has started as 2020 finished in lockdown with this one scheduled to last for a few months to come with restrictions lifting slowly until the latter part of June. Fortunately, from the reports I have heard frommembers, most businesses are keeping remarkably busy with some reporting that they had a record breaking 2020, which is fantastic news, and this trend seems to be continuing into 2021. It was great to see the launch of the public consultation on the proposed ‘Protect Duty’ legislation and I hope that all members are taking the opportunity to ensure that this becomes a well formulated law. The Protect Duty law (when it arrives) will be significant milestone for our UK industry as it will not only raise the safety and security afforded to the public but will raise the professionalism with which it is provided. It is likely that this law will be mirrored around the world in years to come as a benchmark in public protection against terrorism. I would like to thank Figen Murray on behalf of the PSSA for tirelessly and bravely campaigning for better security at public venues and the conception of Martyn’s Law (Protect Duty). The OSPA awards were announced in February and it was great to see that the ACT Awareness eLearning winning the outstanding security training initiative category. I am sure that you are all aware of this training and the URIM App but if not, please contact us for more information as all of us engaged in counter- terrorism should be using these tools. In anticipation of life becoming a bit easier over the next few months, work has begun on planning our next Interact Day event and we hope to be able to give you more information on this in the weeks to come. We are hoping to have a “live” but COVID safe event giving everyone something to look forwards to later in the year. Good luck with the next quarter and all the very best. Paul Jeffrey Chairman Members report record breaking 2020 despite pandemic All PSSA manufacturers have free access to the HVMhub product catalogue – an online resource for tested and rated products. Please ensure your listings are up to date and all new products have been added. If you need to add or amend products let us know