PSSA Newsletter - Issue 27

– 2 – Newsletter sponsor: NEWS  |  ISSUE 27 PSSA Members List Member Name Website ABC Fencing Advanced Perimeter Systems Allen's Total Perimeter Security ATG Access Ltd Avon Barrier Corporation Ltd Barkers Engineering Bavak Beveiligingsgroep B.V. Betafence Binns Fencing Ltd Bristorm Came Urbaco CLD Fencing Systems LLP Cova Security Gates Crowdguard Dedrone Docklands Security Barriers Eagle Automation Frontier Pitts Ltd Gallagher Gatwick Construction Hardstaff Traffic Barrier Services Harper Chalice Heald Ltd Heras Perimeter Protection Hesco Bastion Ltd Highway Care Ltd HORIBA Mira Ltd Jacksons Fencing JB Corrie & Co Ltd Knoxford Ltd Littlewood Fencing Lochrin Bain Ltd Marshalls Meesons AI Ltd MFD International O'Connor Fencing Perimeter Protection Group (PPG) Pitagone Procter Contracts Razor Ribbon Rosehill Safetyflex Stadium HANDA - St Andrews University Swaraj Secutech TiSO Townscape Products Ltd TSP Projects Volkmann & Rossbach Zaun Ltd Board Member Profile MarkWood Highway Care Commercial Manager How long have you been on the PSSA Council? I have been on the council since January 2018 and was re-elected this year after moving to Highway Care Ltd in January 2020. What experience and knowledge do you have to bring to the role? Having worked in various roles all involving HVM products since 2008, I have managed contracts, been involved with product development and also at the commercial sharp end. I would like to think I bring a truly multi-faceted experience to the PSSA. What do you enjoy about being a Council member? Personally, I find working with such a variety of strong and exceptional skilled council members is not only enjoyable but of huge benefit. We have extremely successful entrepreneurs, experienced engineers, and many other key experienced people from the industry- it’s truly an honour to be part of it. What do you see for the future of the PSSA? How will it develop? The PSSA has seen a radical expansion under the current chairman Paul Jeffrey and I hope that we can continue to grow. The more members we have the better our chances in influencing real change in our industry. One of the things that the PSSA believes makes a difference is education, keeping stakeholders updated with industry guidance is critical for everyone, and this we hope will raise quality across the board. I would hope that the PSSA continues to hold this pivotal role not only to members but to the wider industry, which will of course benefit everyone. How have you coped with working from home? Having not been in a new role very long, and having my wings clipped so early on, it’s been an interesting experience. I will say that I am fortunate that I have a dedicated office at home, which has helped enormously and allowed me to isolate from all the fun taking place elsewhere in the household! However, the time at home has allowed my colleagues and I from Highway Care to really focus our attention on many additional projects that will really aid our position when restrictions get lifted.