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 ISSUE 12 July 2016

– 6 –

With summer events on the increase,

temporary security measures are relied

upon to assist the security services in

managing crowd control and Hostile Vehicle

Mitigation (HVM).

H2S2, a JV between Highway Care and

Hardstaff Barriers are responsible for

deploying the National Barrier Asset (NBA)

throughout multiple locations globally.

The NBA is a range of high-security systems

owned and managed by Sussex Police on

behalf of the home office and provides a

solution for robust Hostile Vehicle mitigation

and crowd control required at high profile

events and as part of an emergency response.

H2S2 together with the Sussex Police

provide effective secure infrastructures

to protect high profile events throughout

the UK. H2S2’s deployment of the barrier is

efficient and quick, minimising disruption

to traffic within the busy streets of London

while ensuring high-security measures are

successfully installed.

The system comprises of multiple gate

variations, allowing free flowing traffic

within the barrier that can be closed quickly

to provide perimeter security to an event

instantly. This allows simple installation prior

to the event with limited disruption to the

city. The barriers small footprint and modular

sections enable deployment in even the

tightest locations, perfect in some of London’s

compact areas.

Some notable events in recent years have

seen perimeter security deployed by H2S2

to protect a variety of sporting events such

as the London Olympics and Wimbledon

as well as High Security protection for

the Remembrance services, NATO and G4


All security requirements are discussed

in-depth with the NBA Management team,

specialists in perimeter security. Each event

is individual and solutions are adapted to the

requirements of the event to ensure optimal

security. The individual nature of these

events have rapidly increased the product

development such as the most recent

inclusion of mob prevention solutions.

H2S2, with their multiple years of expertise

in the Barrier and security market, provide

supporting solutions alongside the NBA

and all are available for use by the UK

Governmental, foreign governmental and

commercial organisations.

H2S2 deploy the National Barrier Asset

to protect events in London