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 ISSUE 12 July 2016

Frontier Pitts on the up with 30%growth reported

In the last year, Frontier Pitts have seen a

strengthening of position both nationally and

internationally with a 30 percent increase in


The Award Winning British Manufacturer

now has installations in over 90 countries,

with production from our West Sussex HQ

and two other UK manufacturing sites to keep

pace of the market.

The new International IWA14 impact

test specification has started to unite the

International market, integrating all previous

specifications into one agreement. This together

with Frontier Pitts numerous PSSA Verified

Awards for our Terra Sliding Cantilevered Gates,

Terra Blockers, Terra V Gates, Terra Ultimate

Barriers and Compact Terra Barriers, and our

recent International Business Award which

recognises Frontier Pitts innovation and

inspiration in their work, with commitment to

quality and changing standards.

Indeed, European and Commonwealth

countries have made it clear that they

have a preference for dealing with British

manufacturers, and Frontier Pitts has also

continued to see growth in the MENA region

where British Standards and Specifications

are widely known for their quality and

engineering excellence.

Innovation and a greater demand for security

account for most of the growth, and this was

clear at this year’s Security and Policing, SCTX

and the recent IFSEC exhibitions, where we saw

an increased in end users visiting and asking

for advice directly from the manufacturers.

Frontier Pitts complete product portfolio allows

provides the right solution for individual site

conditions within an ever changing security


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We welcome suggestions and feedback

on this newsletter and encourage any

stories or news that you have.

Please send your feedback


Claire Kelly


It does not just stop with Frontier Pitts

supplying products and our turnkey solutions.

Customer care and After Sales packages

provide a total solution to our clients. With

major account relationships of more than 35

years, Frontier Pitts have the experience to

meet our clients demands for the complete

high security package, with reliability and

technical advice on and off site to ensure their

world is continuously protected.