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July 2016

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Big cats aplenty as hunt for

zoo orders becomes a stampede


H2S2 deploy the National Barrier

Asset to protect events in London

NewTechnical Support Service

for PSSA Members

Exclusively for PSSA members a new

Technical Support service will be

available from early July. Following

discussions between Simon Towers

and Red Folder a new online service

is being introduced to provide

technical updates, a telephone

helpline and specialist advice to

member companies.

This is a free service to all PSSA members who will be invited to register.

Following registration members will have access to the PSSA’s new Expert

Services portal containing the latest updates on key business topics plus

details of the new telephone helpline. There will be no charge for an initial

telephone consultation and information provided.

Where required therewill also be a range of additional online services.These

will be tailored to the specific business needs of eachmember company.

This is a new service that the PSSA is trialling to benefit all members. It

is proposes to start with a few basic services and then extend and improve

what is available based on feedback from PSSA’s members.

For further information email Nicholas Harvey on


Newwebsite promotesmembers

Following on from the recent PSSA strategic review

andmy subsequent appointment as Chairman I have

begun working, along with the PSSA Council and

Secretariat, to deliver the action plans in that review

that were approved by the membership at the March

EGM. I ampleased to be able to use this edition of the

Newsletter to bring you up to date on progress so far

Our immediate focus is to develop a new PSSA

website that can be the backbone of PSSAmarketing and promotional

activity, both to the endmarket and to future newmembers. It will also

be the main access hub for a growing number of member services. Work

has already begun on this with a small project teamof myself, Rob Oliver

(Secretary), and Nigel Bullock (Vice Chairman) working along with our

website designers, Enigma Creative, and we aim to complete the site before

summer is out. The website will particularly feature the following:

• A table of independently tested security products that are available from

PSSAmembers, along with direct links to eachmember company. Within

the table we aim to include both the specific test pass information in

‘technical’language plus a‘laymans’description for those readers who

are not fully conversant with testing industry terminology. We intend

tomake this table a useful reference point for end users, specifiers etc

when looking for independently tested high security external perimeter

protection products.

• Highlighting of the PSSAmembership criteria so that potential clients

can better understand the confidence and value they can get by giving

preference to a PSSAmember as a supplier/installer.

• Highlighted PSSAmembership benefits to better encourage new

members to join and to ensure that current members are aware of all the

benefits/services that are available to them via PSSA.

There will also, of course, be all the standard features that you would expect

from a website of this nature and once the website is complete we will

commence marketing it as thoroughly as possible tomaximise awareness of

it to our target audiences.

With the website as our base platform, we will then, come autumn, turn

attention to adding further value to PSSA by actions which will include a

review of the currently on holdVerification Scheme and the re instigation

of the Advisory Panel which previously met with influencers in key client

sectors. We are also now in talks to add other additional membership

benefits such as free or discounted links to services including overseas

exhibition grant aid, dispute resolution, legislative compliance, and training

of various kinds.

In summary, there is a lot of work going on at the moment and our aim is

that by early autumn the PSSA will be providing greatly increased value to

both its members and to relevant parties in the endmarket. I look forward to

updating you on that progress in the next edition of the Newsletter.

Simon Towers, Chairman PSSA

Scheme review underway

– helpers needed

The PSSA’s Verification Scheme was put on hold earlier this year as

a result of our EGM resolution. However, the spirit of championing

tested products has not been lost. In addition to the new website

product and member showcase (see our Chairman’s lead article) we

are now issuing an invitation for volunteers to serve on our Scheme

Review Working Group.

The initial time commitment will be for just one or two meetings over

the summer/autumn and occasional follow up conference calls. The

aim is to produce a report and recommendations by the end of the

year. If you are interested in being part of the Group

(or having input to its work) then please contact the PSSA office or



One of the most appreciated parts of the Scheme package was

the technical support helpline – offering guidance on regulatory

compliance. The good news is that a new service to PSSA members

covering this area is set to be launched – see separate article.