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January 2016

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Shard owners ramp up security

after Greenpeace stunt


Security high on the agenda

for ports and shippers


Zaun opens gates to ThamesWater




Via its membership of Build UK, PSSA members qualify

for free access to the following helplines:


0844 249 9873

Health & Safety

0844 249 9874

Legal & Contractual helpline (England)

0844 249 9871

Legal & Contractual helpline (Scotland)

0844 249 9872

Tax & Business

0844 249 9875


0844 249 5908

Retention Bonds

0844 249 5903

Members seeking advice or assistance will need to

provide their company name and confirm that they

are members of the PSSA.

AGM approves review

The PSSA’s 2015 Annual General Meeting, hosted by QinetiQ

at their London offices, approved the plan to review the

Association’s forward strategy. Former Group MD of the CRH

Fencing and Security Group (CRHFSG UK LTD), Simon Towers, had

been appointed by the PSSA Council to conduct the review – and

he presented an interim report to members. This focused on a

number of key issues, including - i) aims and objectives; ii) future

direction of the PSSA Verification Scheme; and iii) the structure

of the Association. The immediate follow up was a survey of all

Members to get their input on how they would like to see the

PSSA progress. The plan is to complete the review process within

the next few weeks and present recommendations to a special

General Meeting by the end of February, within the 3 month time

line set by the AGM.

Secretary to the Council, Rob Oliver, explained, “It has been

a challenge to get a consensus amongst the Council on the

future direction of the Association. Bearing in mind we are still a

relatively young organisation, we agreed that we needed a more

independent and expert pair of eyes to help chart our course,

which is something Simon Towers is able to provide as someone

who until recently held a very senior position in our industry. The

review is tackling some big issues, including whether the PSSA

should remain a stand-alone group or more closely ally itself

with other trade associations. The future scope and format of the

Verification Scheme is also very high on the review agenda”.

New chairman for the PSSA

The AGM elected John Marshall as its new Chairman. John is a Project

Manager for TSP – the special projects division of Tata Steel. He has

been a long-time supporter of the PSSA and has agreed to take on

the chairmanship to help pilot the completion of the association

review and the implementation of its conclusions. The PSSA had been

without a formal chairperson, since founder chairman Laurence Goode

(of Geoquip) left the industry.

In accepting the position, John Marshall stated, “I am happy to

take on this role with the support of members as we have reached a

very important stage in the development of the Association. We have

missed clear leadership for a few months now and a revised strategy

will be put in place as soon as possible”.

The AGM also elected Nigel Bullock, the MD of Highway Care

Security Solutions, as a new member of the Council and as an

additional Vice Chairman.

Security & Counter Terror Expo

The PSSA is counting down to our

presence at this year’s Security &

Counter Terror Expo. Mention your

PSSA membership when booking

space at the show.

The PSSA newsletter reaches over 1,000 named security industry

professionals. If you are interested in advertising your products or

services contact us: