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News Issue 6 January 2015




January 2015

03 PSSA Member News

Successful test for new Heald Mantis

07 PSSA Member News

Zaun buys CCTV Expert

03 PSSA Member News

Tescon - sliding gate successfully tested

Introducing our PSSA Newsletter Sponsors - HC SS

2015 set to be ‘the

year of the PSSA’!

Firstly a happy new year to all!

2014 closed on a high with the PSSA’s Annual Conference

in London on 11th December. The day was packed not

only with informative and interesting speakers (our thanks

again to all) but also with an unprecedented number of

announcements regarding accelerating progress on many

important fronts.

Firstly the Verification scheme is now complete and with

an engorged pipeline of companies and products entering

the scheme, 2015 will see a strong, comprehensive and

useable list of products being published. The concern is

now how we resource up to meet demand so I strongly

suggest discussing any new applications with our Scheme

manager Steve Munden as soon as possible. Congratula-

tions by the way to both Binns Fencing, and Steve Munden

on Binns achievement of Verification in a record time. This

shows what serious commitment to a properly sorted

process can achieve – well done indeed!

Secondly we announced a successful inaugural meeting of

PSSA’s new Advisory Panel which took place at

Olympia during the Transport Security Expo. Members of

this include leading specifiers, influencers and end-users

(see page 6 showing the logos of our committed

supporters) from across the industry. Their objective is to

consider the next steps and future direction of the PSSA

in its quest to continue raising industry standards. This is

a huge task but an initial agenda and direction has been

raised and work is ongoing; future bulletins will bring you

information on this as it unfolds.

The third large announcement was regarding the launch of

the PSSA’s new ‘Endorsement Programme’. This was

successfully trialled at the end of 2014 and is being rolled

out during the first part of 2015. This allows specifiers and

designers to publicly commit to specifying a PSSA Verified

product over non-Verified product wherever at all possible in

return for a special relationship with the PSSA and including use

of the coveted PSSA logo. A number of commitments have

already been made and will be announced in the coming

weeks. Importantly this cements the future success of the

Verification scheme.

The conference was also brought up to date on many

other initiatives including PSSA work on various standards and

committees, and increased engagement with other like-minded

organisations including NSCC, ADS and DSO. Lastly it was

interesting to be able to recount a number of stories detailing

how PSSA’s influence is starting to be felt globally. This all rein-

forces the growing feeling that indeed 2015 is the ‘year of the



PSSA’s Annual Conference - 11th December 2014

Laurence Goode - Chairman